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Our expertise, innovative spirit and facilities make Rompa Leather a very flexible company. We can tailor our endless range to your requirements, without compromising on reliability or quality.

For medium to high-end markets


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01 Leather goods

Your creativity knows no bounds. So don’t be limited by the materials you use to make your bags, wallets, accessories, … At Rompa, almost anything is possible and we love to think along aswell.

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02 Footwear

More than 115 years ago Rompa Leather was founded to supply shoemakers with everlasting leathers. Today, we produce all timeless and fashionable materials you are looking for. 

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03 Upholstery

Whether it’s for frequently used aircraft seats or for the finest furniture, Rompa Leather has the expertise to produce the leather that will help you get the most out of your upholstery projects.

Discover our newest 


Our designers have unleashed their creativity on our finest materials. The result is a fresh leather collection with the necessary variety to create both edgy and timeless pieces. Two times a year, with the changing of the seasons, we renew our collection.

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Want to join us on our path towards a more sustainable leather value chain? 

Future Tan

With Future Tan, Rompa Leather created a new way of producing leather by combining innovative tanning, state of the art machinery and traceable hides. This means we can offer sustainable leathers without compromising in durability or aesthetics.


Chrome, metal and aldehyde free tanning & biobased finishes


Crust leathers tanned in accordance with EU and US standards | Biodegradable finishes

Local hides

For better animal welfare, traceability and consistency

Energy- and water-saving

Reduced energy and water consumption (25 to 30%)

Want to join us on our path towards a more sustainable leather value chain? 

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